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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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cheerios ♪ blatch. life in san jose, we will tell what you we know about the deadly investigation. and firefighters discovered
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a body at a fire and now they believe the fire is suspicious. the president of afghanistan, will this complicate america's oldest war. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we had lot of rain there, and fog is out there, may be a little mist or drizzle like we had yesterday, that is for sure. temperatures are close, dew points, we need to get some of that going, there is only reports of it, maybe a low cloud deck, 60s, here is tara. here is a look at 880, you can see traffic is moving
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nicely in both directions, no problems to report. we have a problem on the san mateo bridge. there you go, this is a look at 101, and no fog is here, traffic on the right-hand side, southbound as you make your way towards fso, no problems. 6:01, let's head back to the desk. developing news of a traffic stop accident in san francisco, it smashed a fire hydrant and -- and shut down essex street. you can see this is near the on ramp to the bay bridge happening right now. it shut down because water from a busted fire hydrants damage -- hydrant damaged scaffolding. a -- police were trying to pull
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over a man for being suspected of driving under the influence. that intersection will be closed until all of the damage particularly to that scaffolding is deemed safe. in the meantime, a hit-and- run driver in the south bay, the victim of that incident has died from his injuries. jeanine della vega is at the intersection where all of this happened. gored morning jeanine -- good morning, jeanine. >> reporter: this is where the accident happened. this gas station here, fast food and a wall greens, there are lots of things here and police were here until 1:00 a.m. investigating. what we know is a man was crossing the intersection at 5:45 when police say he was hit by a dark banner suv. that vehicle stopped kept traveling southbound and the man was rushed to the hospital where he died late last night.
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people who live nearby say there happens to be a lot of pedestrian traffic in this area. people are walking across the street. they don't obey the intersections and always walking across the middle. they don't see them, older people, halfway house people, they are always walking on the streets and hanging here, so who knows. police have not released the identity of this hit-and-run accident and police are looking for any information if anybody was here at this intersection at 5:45 they sure would appreciate a call. they say the dark colored suv may have some front end damage to it so again they are looking to see if anybody could give them a call to help with the investigation and it is the 27th traffic fatality, jeanine
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della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. one person is dead after a house fire in san francisco. christian captain is at the scene with a look at the damage and changes firefighters are now faced with. christian? >> reporter: we have a call out to the investigator and that investigator may very well still be on duty and you can see some of the debris as they boarded up the building. last night firefighters were called to the scene and discovered a body beyond those windows. the fire broke out shortly after 8:30 last night and flames and smoke were pouring out of the windows. upon inspecting the building they discovered the building on the second floor. the fire moved so quickly and burned through the second floor makes the fire somewhat
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suspicious to see how it started and whether anybody set this fire intentionally. it was tough getting equipment on scene down through this cramped deadend street. >> it continues on the other side of brotherhood. it is difficult and everybody came in and we all could be boxed in. we got the right people in at the right time. >> reporter: still no word from authorities who the deceased person is. you can see the home right next door to it, fire is moving so quickly as it moves to any nearby buildings and we have heard one neighbor in addition to the deceased person, one neighbor was transported to the hospital and we are not clear on what the injuries are. we did hear they were not particularly serious and that one neighbor would be coming home fairly soon.
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we will continue to look for an update from san francisco police from the fire investigative neighborhood. for now live in san francisco, christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning news. developing news about afghanistan. ahmed wali karzai is criticizing the u.s. he blamed u.s. and nato forces for some of the insecurity in this country. he is angry that hundreds of after began prisoner -- afghan he is angry they have afghanistan prisoners which he said needs to be transferred to afghanistan authorities. if they don't take action by the end of this month they will go over the fiscal cliff.
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coming up, we will have the jobs that could be lost if those automatic cuts take affect. >> former president clinton is here as part of a celebrity forum speaker series. he said hillary rodham clinton is in great shape and has unbelievable stamina but she needs rest before deciding what she does next. she will not be secretary of state for president barack obama's second term. it happened at the bridge toll booth. they broke the stories and at least two toll takers have been on the loose for months now. they would announce more
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information today. residents in san mateo counties are being asked to cut back on water. it stirred upset men at -- up set -- sediment and until they fix it, they will be importing water from further away. they are making $1 million available to fix a huge sinkhole. it happened during a major storm. a clogged up storm drain added to the problems. it will allow the water to drain out of that sinkhole to get a more permanent fix. stay right here with us, you can get up to the minute information by downloading the app to your mobile device.
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of course we will have updates for you on twitter and facebook. yes we do. 6:09 is the time back for tara, here is more. at the north whipple road exit, we have a car in a ditch and a two car crash. they are trying to clear quite a bit of debris in the roadway. police are looking at a crash where a man was supposed to stop. we also have fog so definitely take it slow. we have back up so give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get into san francisco right now. along highway 4, you can see a little bit of fog as well and folks are headed westbound
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towards concord with a steady stream of headlights. notice the breeze is picking up out of the west and that's helping to stir things up and there is a few areas but not widespread. temperatures have been going down a couple of degrees. fog, sun, i think there will be more sun and fog and i did say a dry pattern. high pressure is building off the california coast, way into the gulf of alaska and that will drive systems east of us and it will take care of the fog, maybe not until friday night or saturday. 52 in santa rosa. everybody is close here from santa rosa to oakland at 57 but as far as any rain at least in this pattern, things will change towards the middle or the end of the month and mainly in the valley, there is some on the coast and it is a dry
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forecast and it will take us not only into sunday but north as well. into the weekend, it should mean a decrease in the fog. some fog out there, mr. drizzle, my friend down there said mr. drizzle is down there this morning. 60s on the temperatures, and that's santa clara valley. fremont pleasanton, not much change, temperatures are holding stead dig, not a lot of sunshine and no rain. >> time now 6:11, a story about immigration and a trend when it comes to legal immigration, why fewer people are coming to the such. >> we have a traffic story where police say a man
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imprisoned his ex-wife. stay tuned.
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. >> a man imprisoned his ex- wife. he tortured her and they are claiming the woman wanted to be in that attic and could have left at any time. >> that is her choice, that is what she wanted to do. >> why would she want to be up
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there for two weeks. >> she is married to the man and loves him. >> well the woman's family members disagree and they asked the sheriff's deputies to check on her. they broke through recently installed drywall and they found the woman injured but still alive. they are sending patriots missiles to turkey to defend from possible attacks from syria. this comes as fox news is reporting that the syrian military is moved to mix deadly chemical weapons. they have not confirmed this and they would never use such weapons against their own people. president barack obama has warned against this. they are talking about the fiscal cliff but no word of any significant progress. this comes as another
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republican says he is willing to break ranks on the standoff. he said he could increase tax rates for upper income americans as part of a plan to cut the federal deficit. some are now looking for a way to save faces a they give in. and they are planning for massive budget cuts as the fiscal cliff talks remain deadlocked. tens of thousands of jobs are on the line here in california. pam for months, pentagon leaders are insisting they are not preparing for major cuts but that's all changing under orders from the white house and they are starting to think about how they will face part of their budget. leon panetta said the cuts will be devastating to our national defense. experts predict, 1 in 5 in
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california will be lost. no now the arrow space reports -- now the arrow space reports 13 5,000 jobs will be lost along with 9,000 agency jobs for a total of 22 5,000 jobs lost in california over the next few years. the pentagon has said, the army would likely face the steepest cuts. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. golden gate bridge officials acknowledge yesterday's head-on collision could have been prevented. the crash backed up traffic in both directions for miles during the morning commute. bridge officials say the commute could have had a different outcome if a long plan movable median would have been in place. there has been talk about the barrier for 15 years now but it has always run into snags.
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the final stages mean medians could be there upwards of 2014. they are now on a decline. there were about 11 million illegal immigrants living in the u.s. compared to 2007. illegal immigration will not go back up any time soon because of our declining economy. head coach dennis allan will be back with the team. allan came back to the bay area from texas and spent final moments with his father. grady allan died tuesday at the age of 66. and 49ers take another step closer to finishing their stadium. coming up, the signing ceremony will mark a very special occasion. and right now checking on traffic, there is definitely some fog out there.
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tara sees it on the san mateo bridge. we saw some of it in that area and it is in patches and doesn't seem to be too bad. that is so we just want to make sure folks are aware of it and we will head out to the toll plaza. that is the most congested spot. we see a fire truck and we have a wait here which extends almost to the mcarthur maze, so give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get to san francisco. you can see traffic is moving nicely in both directions here and then in the south bay, this is 237 milpitas, folks are headed westbound towards sunny veil and it's a little bit of a delay, here is steve. well, at least the rain is done, there is midst and drizzle and that will end and we'll see sunshine : the
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pattern is finally changing and we had a foot of rain in about a week's time. 50s on the temperatures and they have been coming down just a little bit there and that means slightly cooler patterns. as far as we are concerned, the high pressure is moving way off the gulf of alaska and that will give us a north wind. that will take care of the fog and it is more of a low cloud fog deck. it's not just to the valley but out coast will burn off seen. i think next week is -- burn off sooner. more of a westerly breeze, santa rosa as well. 60s on the temperatures and everybody is in on that temperature trend coast bay and inland. then with your weekend always in view, we get rid of that fog, we might bring cooler temperatures in and it will bring us a lot of sun and no
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rain there. they are suing a company which makes baby products. they produce the knap nanny and chill infant recliners. they ordered a recall after five babies died after using knap nanny but baby matters refuses to recall. they should notify the public about the risks. the express motor coach company is issuing 300,000 tickets for early next year. they have a limited amount and they recently started serving the bay area in southern california again. what some overcrowded south bay animal shelters want you to do. how they are trying to give you some new dogs and cats a new home. charged with a misdemeanor, he gave a controversial photo
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. welcome back, a popular blogger took a photo of an
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elected official in a bathroom. he pled not guilty, after posting a photo of skott weaner inside a bathroom adding he tried to photograph him at a urinal. >> it's okay to exercise your first amendment rights and to protest and agree but it is not okay to invade people's privacy in the way he did it in this particular case. >> he said it was a photo of a man at a sink. he was told to stay away from the supervisor and the blogger is due back in court january 27th. they are taking a big step and this is what they call topping out. they will steel the beam at its
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-- steer the beam to its highest point. matthews will be among the dignitaries there. and some say there is nothing like being home for the holidays and that's what the animal shelters want for hundreds of dogs and cats. the san jose animal care center was designed to hold 28 dogs and right now they have more than 100 there. to help families adopt a new pet, the shelters are dropping their adoption fees. they can pick out a new cat or dog and pay just $12. that is a large discount for both cats and dogs. well, just checking the website and it looks like another accident and 580 westbound is slow going and
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this will add to the problem. typically we have eastbound direction is going slowly as well. 280 northbound as you make your way towards santa clara is moving well. sunole grade is going well on southbound as you make your way towards fremont. let's check in with steve. we have misty conditions and some of the fog is more in the low cloud area. dry pattern but the rain has ended and it will be dry for a while. temperatures are ending in the 50s and 60s with some sun, how about that. time now 6:27 a long line of people with hopes of getting the golden ticket, look at all of these people out there. and why are they waiting in a long line. and on speed, the site of
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an early morning rush, it will be hours before this street is back open. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. welcome back, two things are happening on the opening bell, they are seen as positive signs on the economy. choice hotels international, they are celebrating a grand opening of three properties. three properties all in one day in new york. they are talking about a building boom particularly on the upscale and that is celebrating i-p o, initially public offering and we have more coming up in the markets. we will smile and say good morning, it is tuesday, december 6th, i am dave clark.
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a driver took out a fire hydrant while running from police and that crash shut down an intersection. claudine wong has been out there since 4:30 how does it look now, claudine? >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out how much this costs. and their focus is on one section of the scaffolding and you can see it is collapsed right there. figuring out how long it will take and if the structure is safe, it will take awhile, they just said they have to wait for their truck and then they have to see if it's going to be safe. for now this section of essex which now leads to the bay bridge is going to be shut down and now i want to lead you to the video which caused this mess. it was a scene up about 3:30
6:33 am
and you can see that fire hydrant got knocked off by this vehicle and police say that vehicle ran a red light and when the police officer tried to stop the driver he took off. he hit that fire hydrant sent that water shooting up into the air. it caused a problem and it led to concerns over the scaffolding on this building and that's why the building remains shut down and the driver was in custody. we will have to see when the truck gets here but they told me it could be hours before they actually open the street. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. they have detained a possible suspect in pleasant hill.
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officers found the victim's body around 9:00 on the off ramp of 680 and concord avenue. there is a homeless camp in that after area and -- in that area and investigators are expected to release more information later. information on a hit-and- run in the south bay has become a homicide case. jeanine della vega has more as police are searching. >> reporter: police don't have too much photo go on, -- much to go on, it's just a quick description about what happened. the man was crossing the intersection when a dark suv struck him and drove away. witnesses say the driver was traveling southbound on white road. the man was rushed to the hospital but died late last
6:35 am
night. his identity is not being released. police are looking for anybody who knows anything. anybody who lives nearby says it is sat for the neighborhood. >> i mean i couldn't do that. i mean -- even -- you know i was like -- well, you know when you hit something, you know it. police say there may be damage on the car because of the collision and the speed limit at the intersection is 40 miles per hour but we don't know from investigators how fast that car was traveling. they often see cars speeding in this intersection and it is very well traveled with pedestrians and right now police are saying they don't know if alcohol or speed played a factor. live in san jose, jeanine della
6:36 am
vega. we want to show you new video of people smoking marijuana under the new space needle after that took affect over midnight. people speaking marijuana out in the open, it is not legal and you can't do that until they make rules for opening shops. now the federal government is reminding everybody, marijuana is not legal under federal law. >> couldt graduations. it is now legal for same -- congratulations. it's now legal for same sex couples to marry in seattle. dozen have lined up outside the administration building shortly after they assigned the new video. we want to show you a photo of
6:37 am
kate middleton leaving the hospital with her husband prince william and what went wrong during her stay and we will have more on why the hospital is now apologizing. they are hoping to cash in on a big promise. joining us from sunny veil, with details, you have to bring us back some soup and bread. >> okay, i will do that, pam, just for you, but that big promise, free sourdough bread for the entire year. >> reporter: check out this line, the first person in line showed up and we are live at the latest area in sunny veil california and some people have come out as far as new york but we are here with ross. how are you doing? tell us what people can expect? >> well, the doors open at
6:38 am
10:30 but what we are celebrating is the doors opening and the first several people who come through, they will get 365 loaves of bread for a year. >> reporter: well, it is like this in the san francisco area, but talk about why it's important here? >> well this is our second location in the san jose area and the first one is in the valley fair mall and we will also be in sunny veil and we will have that and open another location in cupertino in april. >> let's talk to evan. evan, the sourdough is worth it for new. >> oh, yes, it is the best around. >> reporter: i will bring some of it back if i have not eaten it all. but for now brian flores, ktvu
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channel 2 morning news. >> he has been there since 4:30 he is probably hungry by now. we have a car in a ditch and a lot of people use this is the a shortcut so you could be experiencing some delays. and at the off ramp, there is a car in the bushes. let's look at this, no delays right here but we want to look at the bay bridge which closed because of a police rex and up next, you can see metering lights are on and this is your commute back up to mcarthur maze and san francisco. those taillights are going westbound not as bad as it usually is towards sunny veil
6:40 am
and right now it is moving a little bit. 6:39 here is steve. >> thank you tara. >> okay. >> make sure she is there. >> a couple of breaks in the clouds, it is clearing and there is a northwest breeze kicking up in the san mateo coast and that will prevent a lot of widespread really thick fog. there have been a couple of reports, an "f" s o had -- fso had a gust of 18. there is a little midst and san jose had some. breezy and cooler here. we will have mostly sunny conditions, definitely by the coast. definitely 50s on the temperatures and any time you get a little more, it is time to dry out a little.
6:41 am
the seven to 10 day outlook looks quiet. we have a sign of cooler air moving in along with that northwest breeze. there will be a stronger north wind kicking in by the weekend. everything moves to the east of us and mainly eastern nevada but that will crank up a north wind. until then we have to deal with some low clouds and i think it takes care of most of the low clouds and fog if not sooner. fog sun, breezy, 60s on the temperatures and we will recover from coast bay and inland. it looks closer to the coast and everything is gone and it looks sunny and nice as we go into the weekend. repair work starts along the sonoma coast and the saturated ground gave way yesterday, and cal trans closed
6:42 am
a five mile stretch north of fort ross. and the highway one closure, that will be in effect until further notice. crews are working to prepare the tower, rain leaked into the san francisco landmark from all of those weekend storms. plastic sheeting hangs down on to the ceiling, various wall leaks are trying 2:00 to divert them -- trying to divert them away from historic murals. the 1930s paintings were averted and they are trying to seal the rain off by the end of the month. 6:21, the saddening to the -- sad ending to the search for a sacramento couple missing in the sierra. and inside they found a dead body, we will tell you why they think this fire may be
6:43 am
suspicious. there is a look at the san mateo, we do have some accidents to report in the livermore area, that is coming up.
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. we have low clouds and i think this fog will be chewed
6:46 am
up. watch out for pockets of fog in the morning and highs in the 60s. >> hello, steve, welcome back, here is a look at some of the top stories, a violent crash happened right there just hours ago. police say a driver hit a fire hydrant at folsom and essex as police were trying pull them over. damage on nearby scaffolding at a construction drive, have a the -- the area will stay closed until the scaffolding is deemed safe. police this morning are searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed a pedestrian last night. investigators believe that vehicle was possibly an suv or van and has front end damage. the other top story occurred with a fatal fire, and
6:47 am
christian captain is where firefighters found a body when they put out the flames. >> reporter: a neighbor just arrived on the scene and he tells me he was here as the fire was burning and he was one of the people who called 91 and the female -- 911 and the female resident is now deceased. they discovered the victim of this fire on the second floor of this home and the fire broke out shortly before or after 8:30 when crews arrived smoke was pouring outside and they discovered that victim on the second floor. that and other things have investigators taking a closer look at how this fire started. >> the intensity of how the fire started and how it burned,
6:48 am
there is suspicion which is why we have it under investigation. >> reporter: again a neighbor told us it was a female occupant of this building and you can see how close these homes are to one another and making sure this house was out was imperative. firefighters did not want it to spread further up the block. one more note, we learned one of the neighbors was also transported to the hospital but that neighbor should already be home or is coming home shortly. again we are looking for more information from fire investigators and it will be 5:00 and we will continue to making those calls and find out what makes it so suspicious to fire investigators. for now christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. sheriff's deputy say it
6:49 am
happened to a man in morgan hill, coming up how he managed to he scape the ordeal. it is a sad ending to a search for a couple missing in the sierra. her boyfriend did not survive and we have more on lane's condition and what clifton's family is saying, good morning, brian. >> reporter: this is where lane was flown to the tar heel hospital and she is being treated for frostbite after they had been reported missing and the family had been searching ever since. they left from citrus heights and went to garden veil nevada and what we now know, they took aside road going a little four-
6:50 am
wheel driving when their jeep became stuck in the snow and that was just before the intense storms that came through the bay area cross sacramento valley, ultimately dumping massive almost. clifton went in search to get the vehicle out. she was stuck in the jeep for days where her brother around 8:30 last night discovered her walking and at times crawling down the highway seeking help. her family is rejoicing she is alive but robert clifton is confirmed to have died. >> i thought web calling in police office -- i thought we would be calling in police officers saying he was alive and i know it is not happening. >> we were so close and yet,
6:51 am
there was -- but so far away. it is like heart wrenching. the family had searched all up and down highway 88 assuming their vehicle slid off the road and as you heard, they were not far from where they were ultimately recovered. the body of roger clifton has been recovered and paula lane has been recovering after quite an ordeal. brian hickey, cnbc. on a lighter night, just a couple of ours ago, -- hours ago, the dutches of cambridge walked out of the hospital. there she is. she has been treated with severe morning sickness and reportedly she is in the very early stage of her pregnancy.
6:52 am
san francisco is shutting down an on ramp, that is what we have been talking about all morning, right tara? >> yes, it's closed due to a police investigation so you could use the bryant street on ramp instead. this is slow going, 580 westbound and you may not be able to use that shortcut over the next half hour or so. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the backup to the mcarthur maze, metering lights are on. there is not enough breeze as well. a long parts of the coast, 20 and 25, that is helping to stir things up, we still have low clouds around, some pockets of fog and nothing too widespread. most locations say cloudy to mostly cloudy. 50s and the temperatures had been going down a little bit, not cold, but it is cooler than
6:53 am
it was yesterday at this time. a lot of the rain was gone. that's it. we might see mist in san jose and it will stay to the east for a while. that fog once it burns off with mist or drizzle, we have lots of sunshine on tap. 60s on the temperatures, all the way to the santa clara valley and winds kick in bit it nothing's out the fog and there is no rain for a while. also the labor distribute that could affect your holiday dinner plans, stay tuned. [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail.
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just $16.99. sizzler.
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. a live look at the big bored, the dow is hanging on to that 14,000 level -- 13,000 level. they have agreed to give it to a court appointed director and that averts a federal take over and it comes after oakland failed to meet a federal judge's order to settle a police brutality scandal almost ten years ago. it will be harder to find
6:57 am
fresh den generallous crab on menus. there is a new fight which is keeping boats at the docks. the problem started sunday and they heard brokers wanted to lower the price to a dollar 80. the demand for crab dropped over thanks give being and now they have too much crab. america's cup race, they are accusing the team of spying. they broke poe tow call by planting somebody -- protocol. but the alleged transgressions are over blown and america's cup competitors are constantly looking for an edge and the final is scheduled for september. >> let's see what is going on around the bay bridge.
6:58 am
metering lights are on and the backup extends giving yourself an extra 15 minutes this morning. taking a live look here, westbound 24 as you look towards the caldecott tunnel, no delays, but it is slow. let's go to 280, you can see traffic is on the right and south as you make your way towards san francisco, we have no delays at all. here is steve. cloudy to mostly cloudy on parts of the coast and marin coast with a little northwest breeze is kicking in, i don't think we will have morning fog, pockets of fog with temperatures in the 60s. coming up, new developments in a story we have been following since early this morning. a crash sent water flowing into
6:59 am
the air at a busy san francisco intersection. stay right here with us.


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